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2016 was an interesting year…May be I’m thinking of that Chinese curse of living in interesting times…

I have been run ragged and my emotions chewed up and spat out.

So much so that I  have had to stop and be still at times

And be the calm in the storm.

As a maelstrom rages around me I have to remember I am ok.

That thoughts and words of others are just like leaves swirling around me.

Separate from me.

This is my power.

And I want to share it with YOU.

Know that when life hurls insults or riches at you.

You are the same whole person.

Perfect and Complete.

You have all your wisdom with you.

You have a purpose that needs to be fulfilled.

All those experiences, those sights and sounds make you unique.

When you realize this and stop looking at yourself and what you can gain …your world will change.

You don’t NEED anything more.

As YOU SERVE then you will be served.

Take your eyes off you….

Turn the mirror round and show other people what they are made of. ..

Who THEY can become.

REFLECT their greatness.

And because you light up their world THEY WILL SEEK YOUR LIGHT.

Then your relationships will not be hard.

Just like the moths that fly toward light….

your tribe will seek you out because YOU light their world.

In you they see their greatness and fulfillment of their own potential.

You are the talisman of their change.

Who wouldn’t want to be with you and hang on your every word.

Use your power well my friend.