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 Dr.Fairoz Fayaz


What is Personalised Medicine? Is it Right for Me?

People are different. One size doesn’t fit all. 21st Century  medicine recognises this. Just as our personalities are different so are the nuances of our biology. Our health is an interplay of our genes, our environment and our thoughts. My approach is to look at you as a whole and ask the question:

What is preventing your body from working at its best?

Once this question is answered then regaining health can begin.

My Approach

 My approach is based on uptodate scientific research and the understanding that health is a very personal thing. As a fully trained physician of over 20 years and GP for more than 15years, I will take  the time to listen to understand  factors that are affecting your health.

Honest Results

Sometimes specific testing is required to see factors that have only recently been identified as important in maintaining health such as your gut microflora or identifying whether specific genes or enzymes in the body are expressed. I build upon work already done by you and your doctor to give you further insights to  where you could support your body into health.

Auto-Immune Disorders
Chronic Fatigue
Weight Loss
Oncology Support

In the complicated life you live, do you sometimes forget yourself??

You’re Not Alone. I’m Here to Help!

You’ve put others’ needs first only to feel worn out. You’ve just been feeling “not right” for so long that you’re certain this can’t be normal. You’ve been to your doctor, they’ve run tests and nothing’s come up. Kindly but firmly you’ve been told, “You’ll get better, take it easy and if things get worse come back. Maybe it’s stress so take it make time for sleep and rest.” Sadly that’s it. You just have to live with it.

You’re frustrated. You know that’s no way to live a life.  

You want answers so you can regain the energy you once had.

I had a very thorough consultation with Fairoz back in March. We covered most aspects of my life, health and personal issues that I would have been uncomfortable chatting about but not in this situation, Fairoz was a good listener and very sympathetic. It’s tough to open up to a stranger, but I managed and went away with a sense of achievement that I’d been able to do that at least. It was not until a few days later that the things we discussed and her advice started to sink in and for a while I felt at odds with what we’d talked about. Now two months later I’m feeling a lot more positive about myself and I’m managing to take realistic steps discussed in the consultation to improve my self esteem and be generally more positive in my outlook on the future.

John H

Step 1: Request a free 10-Minute consultation

An initial 10 min complimentary telephone consultation is offered to ensure that a full consultation with me is the right next step. Click the link  above to schedule a brief phone call to ask any questions you have that aren’t addressed on my website. After we’ve chatted, I’ll send a link for you to book your appointment.

Step 2: Schedule your initial 1-Hour Appointment

This is not your average, every-day doctor’s appointment. I meet with each new client for a full hour so you can share your medical history and concerns with me in detail. At this appointment, we will decide together which tests may be valuable in developing your personalised treatment plan. At the end of your first appointment, I’ll accept a fee of £297.00. This covers the cost of your initial consultation, examination, review of previous investigation and mapping out of your bespoke health plan. The cost of supplements and of tests or products will incur additional charges.

Step 3: Follow-up Appointment

Follow up fees are £150 for a 30 min consultation.  Further appointments will be booked as needed with mutual agreement.

Let’s do this!

You’re just one 10-minute phone consult away from gaining the peace of mind that comes with having a plan.

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